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Kerala Salesman Strikes Gold: Wins Dh1 Million in Big Ticket

Nalupurackal Keezhath Shamseer, an Indian salesman, won the Dh1 million jackpot in Big Ticket's weekly draw.

Nalupurackal Keezhath Shamseer, a salesman from Kerala, India, clinched the jackpot of Dh1 million in Big Ticket’s weekly draw held in Abu Dhabi. His winning ticket number, 027945, turned his dreams into reality.

Inspiration from Success Stories:

Shamseer and his childhood friends were inspired by numerous Malayalis winning big in the Big Ticket draws, prompting them to try their luck. This marked their fifth attempt, and luck favored Shamseer with a free ticket acquired through a special offer.

Expressing gratitude to Big Ticket, Shamseer intends to use his winnings to fulfill his long-cherished dream of starting his own business. The Dh1 million prize is a significant step towards achieving financial stability.

Encouragement to Others:

Shamseer encourages fellow Big Ticket customers not to give up, emphasizing that persistence can lead to life-changing outcomes. As the year ends, Big Ticket customers can win Dh20 million in the grand draw scheduled for December 31.

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