Kazakhstan are still in it with a win over San Marino 

San Marino netting a goal used to be such a big deal that an England boss once thought he was cursed when he watched his squad concede to the minnows.

Scoring Streak for San Marino:

San Marino has made an unprecedented breakthrough, continuing their recent scoring spree in international football. 

Following their two-year goal drought-ending match against Denmark with a credible 2-1 home defeat, they achieved the unthinkable by finding the net once again in a 3-1 loss to Kazakhstan. This marks the first instance since 2005 that San Marino has scored in consecutive competitive games, signifying a remarkable achievement for the team.

Simone Franciosi’s Goal and Kazakh Victory:

Trailing 2-0 against Kazakhstan and seeking a path back into the match, Simone Franciosi provided a glimmer of hope for San Marino by bundling in a goal from close range. However, despite their efforts, Abat Aymbetov’s stoppage-time penalty secured a win for Kazakhstan, ultimately condemning San Marino to another defeat.

Continued Struggles and FIFA Rankings:

Despite the significant achievement of scoring in consecutive games, San Marino’s spirited performance ended in defeat, leaving them at the bottom of FIFA’s world rankings, currently ranked 207th. While their recent scoring feat showcases progress, the team still grapples with challenges, reflecting their arduous journey in international football.

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