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Kazakhstan aims for $1 billion in bilateral trade with UAE, seeks investment

Kazakhstan is wooing UAE investment as it looks to increase transport and agriculture.

Kazakhstan is wooing UAE investment as it looks to increase transport and agriculture.


Kazakhstan is actively pursuing an expansion of its economic ties with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with the goal of achieving $1 billion in bilateral trade. 

This ambitious endeavor was articulated by Arman Shakkaliyev, the Minister of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who emphasizes the potential for UAE investments to play a significant role in enhancing trade relations between the two nations.

Boosting Economic Relations

Minister Shakkaliyev’s statement underscores the importance of strengthening economic relations between Kazakhstan and the UAE. 

In particular, he highlights the role of investments from the UAE in facilitating the growth of bilateral trade.

The $1 Billion Target

The $1 billion target signals Kazakhstan’s commitment to advancing economic collaboration with the UAE. 

Achieving this substantial milestone would signify a significant boost in the volume of trade between the two countries.

UAE’s Investment Potential

The United Arab Emirates, known for its strategic investments in various sectors, presents an attractive opportunity for Kazakhstan to foster economic growth. 

Investments from the UAE can open doors to a wide range of economic opportunities.


Kazakhstan’s aspiration to reach $1 billion in bilateral trade with the UAE reflects its dedication to strengthening economic ties and leveraging the potential offered by investments from the UAE. 

Such partnerships have the potential to yield significant benefits for both nations, promoting economic growth and international cooperation.

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