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Karnataka CM Reverses Ban on Hijab, Emphasizes Personal Choice

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah announced the lifting of the BJP-imposed ban on the hijab.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah of Karnataka declared the withdrawal of the BJP-imposed ban on the Hijab, stressing that personal choices regarding clothing and food should not become politicized.

Revisiting a Controversial Ban:

The previous BJP-led government in Karnataka had enforced a ban on the Hijab for students in educational institutions, a decision upheld by the Karnataka High Court following a split verdict from the Supreme Court. 

Siddaramaiah’s announcement reverses this ban, affirming that women are free to wear the Hijab.

Speaking at a public rally in Mysuru, the Chief Minister highlighted the government’s stance, emphasizing that individuals should be free to dress and consume food per their preferences without facing objections or interference.

Hijab Controversy Timeline:

The controversy surrounding the Hijab surfaced in January 2022 when the Government PU College in Udupi reportedly prevented six girls wearing the Hijab from entering. This led to protests by the girls outside the college premises.

Exam Hall Guidelines and Implication:

Last month, the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) introduced stringent guidelines prohibiting all forms of head cover in exam halls during recruitment exams, implicitly suggesting restrictions on the Hijab. 

This measure aimed to prevent malpractices facilitated by Bluetooth devices, though the guidelines did not explicitly mention the ban on the Hijab.

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