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Jungkook Surprises Fans with Emotional Visualizer “Hate You”

Jungkook of BTS surprised fans with a profound surprise: the release of the emotive visualizer for "Hate You,"

Days before his scheduled military enlistment, BTS’s Jungkook delighted fans with a heartfelt surprise – the release of the emotional visualizer for “Hate You,” a track from his solo debut album, GOLDEN.

Emotional Journey in “Hate You” Visualizer:

The “Hate You” visualizer opens with black and white visuals, capturing Jungkook’s emotional expression as he explores the theme of hating someone you love to move on. 

The video transitions to color, depicting the singer against a backdrop of city lights, portraying a sense of sadness and heartbreak as he reminisces about a past lover.

Jungkook is set to enlist in the military alongside Jimin on December 12, while V and RM reportedly enlist on December 11. The news of their enlistment has stirred anticipation and emotions among fans, making the surprise release even more special.

Live Session with Fans:

In preparation for his enlistment, Jungkook engaged in a live session with fans, offering a glimpse of his newly shaved head. 

Fans praised his handsome appearance, even without hair, prompting a playful response from the BTS member. He hinted at revealing more of his shaved look closer to his enlistment date.

Fans’ Emotional Farewell:

As BTS members prepare for their military service, the emotional connection between the group and their fans deepens. 

The surprise release of “Hate You” adds a poignant touch to the pre-enlistment period, enhancing the shared emotions between Jungkook and the BTS ARMY.

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