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Joy Alukkas tops Forbes list as India’s richest jeweller

He primarily lives in Dubai and stays at his home in Kerala’s Thrissur district for the rest of the months.

The latest Forbes List of India’s 100 Richest for 2023 has declared Joy Alukkas, the Chairman and Managing Director of the Joyalukkas Group, as the wealthiest jeweller in India.

Climbing the Ranks

Joy Alukkas has not only earned the title of India’s richest jeweller but has also made significant progress in the list of India’s wealthiest individuals. 

He is now ranked as the 50th wealthiest Indian, marking an impressive climb of 19 positions from his previous ranking of 69 in the Forbes list.

This recognition highlights his remarkable success in the jewelry business and his growing influence in India’s business landscape. 

Joy Alukkas’ achievements are a testament to his dedication and entrepreneurial prowess in the jewelry industry.

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