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Jordan Recalls Ambassador to Israel in Protest of Gaza Conflict

In response to the current confrontation between Israel and Gaza, Jordan has chosen to recall its ambassador to Israel.

Jordan has decided to recall its ambassador to Israel in response to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza, which was triggered by attacks from the militant group Hamas on October 7. 

The Jordanian Foreign Minister, Ayman Safadi, announced this immediate recall, condemning the Israeli offensive for its impact on innocent people in Gaza and the unprecedented humanitarian crisis it has caused.

Escalation of Conflict:

The conflict, which is now in its 26th day, started when Hamas militants breached the Gaza border, resulting in casualties, mainly among civilians, according to Israeli officials. 

In response, Israel launched a military campaign, and according to medics in Gaza, it has resulted in the deaths of over 8,500 people, with two-thirds of them being women and children.

Jordan’s Previous Recalls and Peace Treaty:

Notably, this isn’t the first time Jordan has recalled its ambassador to Israel. The last recall occurred in 2019. 

Jordan has played a historic role in the region, being the second Arab state, after Egypt in 1979, to make peace with Israel. 

It’s important to highlight that Jordan’s population includes over two million Palestinian refugees.

Concerns About Humanitarian Impact:

As Israel expanded its military operations, Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi expressed concerns about the potential long-term humanitarian consequences. 

He warned of “a humanitarian catastrophe of epic proportions for years to come.”

Public Outcry and International Diplomacy:

Since the conflict began, Jordan has witnessed significant public protests in support of Gaza. 

Demonstrators are not only expressing their solidarity but also demanding that Jordan annul its peace treaty with Israel and close the Israeli embassy.

International Involvement:

In response to the situation, U.S. President Joe Biden had discussions with Jordan’s King Abdullah II, a key U.S. partner. 

They discussed the need for urgent measures to reduce violence, calm rhetoric, and ease regional tensions. 

The White House emphasized the critical importance of ensuring that Palestinians are not forcibly displaced outside of Gaza.

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