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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Joint naval exercises are concluded by Saudi Arabia.

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Warships of the Royal Saudi Navy, US Navy and UK British participate in a joint exercise in the Arabian Gulf.

A joint naval exercise in the Arabian Gulf concerning the Royal Saudi Navy, US Navy and British minesweepers concluded on Thursday, the Saudi Ministry of Defense stated.Brig.-Gen. Awad Al-Enzi, director of the exercise, stated participating vessels executed many marine formations and boarding and searching ships, floating mines and reconnaissance operations, port training and defence, drone operations and shooting air and surface enemy objectives with live ammunition. The Naval Defender 21 exercise commenced last week at King Abdul Aziz Naval Base, the Eastern Fleet headquarters in the city of Jubail in the Eastern Province.

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Brig.-Gen. Al-Enzi praised the contributors for their “professionalism and high readiness,” announcing they emerged with “many positive results that reflect the significance of continuous training.”The combined naval exercise covered some ships, infantry, special maritime protection units and naval aviation forces training in numerous maritime scenarios. The Naval Defender 21 is a part of the joint military exercises performed by the Saudi defence force throughout the year with friendly countries to elevate combat efficiency, gain more field experience, and run to unify military principles and terminology between the parties participating in the exercise.

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