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Johnny Beig proves that personal problems can’t overcome success.

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In our life, we have 2 choices- one is to keep blaming our conditions for failures and the second one is to excel professionally despite having personal problems. Johnny Beig is an entrepreneur who chose the second option.

Johnny Beig was born and brought up in the beautiful state of Kashmir, India. His father was a police commissioner there. They had to move around a lot. He vividly remembers living in a city that was overtaken by the rebels. He was merely 14 years old. During this time, his father’s guards came to the house to inform them that their father had been attacked. Being a commissioner, he tried to diffuse a situation and a bomb was thrown in his direction. His father was unconscious on a hospital bed with bruises and wounds on the face, legs, arms, and neck. Even though his father survived, something in his family snapped. They made the decision to move to a safer place, away from Kashmir. 2 years later, Beig’s father, mother, siblings, and himself moved to Melbourne, Australia. As a father, Mr. Beig wanted his kids to utilize their full potential and excel in whatever they did, which was not possible in Kashmir. As soon as they landed in Australia, Johnny Beig started working as an IT Manager and playing semi-pro cricket. This allowed him to make enough money. Very soon he realized that he could not continue playing cricket. There was still an urge to make money doing something he was immensely passionate about. He soon started designing uniforms for his sports team while taking orders for other local teams. This is how ‘Alanic’, a sports and clothing brand started. Due to the early success of this company, Beig moved his family and himself to Beverly Hills, California.

A few years ago, Beig went through a rough patch regarding his business. He doubted the number of employees was too high, that the number of offices they had was too many but he reminded himself that whatever happens, happens for the good. Today, they have a business that has expanded internationally, They have offices in London, New Delhi, Los Angeles, Sydney, and other big cities with 120+ staff, worldwide. Huge celebrities like Marshawn Lynch, Justin Bieber, Terrence Crawford, etc. have partnered up with them. The Los Angeles Clippers, LA Dodgers, UFC, FIFA, Seattle Seahawks, Super Bowl, etc. have also partnered with them on various occasions. Johnny Beig has shown the entire world that a person coming from warzones and humble backgrounds can make it big in any industry. The only things they need are dedication, perseverance, discipline, hard work and ability to DREAM BIG with Never Give up Attitude.

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