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John Voight Expresses Disappointment with Daughter Angelina Jolie

Actor John Voight has expressed his displeasure with his daughter, actress Angelina Jolie, for her remarks towards Israel.

Actor John Voight has expressed his disappointment with his daughter, actress Angelina Jolie, over her comments regarding Israel. 

Voight, a well-known supporter of Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has criticized his daughter for her views.

Angelina Jolie’s Controversial Statements:

Angelina Jolie accused Israel of deliberately targeting civilian areas in Gaza, referring to it as a “mass grave.” Her comments have sparked controversy and divided opinions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

John Voight defended Israel, asserting that the Israeli army must protect the land and its people. He described the conflict as a war and emphasized that Israel was responding to acts of terrorism.

Voight’s Call for Self-Reflection:

Voight urged individuals to question the truth and not accept misinformation. 

He argued that those who understand the truth see the lie, emphasizing that Israel was attacked and the situation is a result of Hamas’s plan to create a conflict between good and evil.

Voight’s Support for Israel and Politics:

John Voight’s longstanding support for Israel is well-known, as is his affiliation with the Republican Party and advocacy for former President Donald Trump during his presidency.

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