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Jetka Unveils 19-Seat Amphibious Aircraft at Dubai Airshow

The Passenger Hydro Aircraft Zero Emissions (PHA-ZE 100) was unveiled by Jetka at the Dubai Airshow.

Swiss electric seaplane manufacturer Jetka has introduced its latest creation, the Passenger Hydro Aircraft Zero Emissions (PHA-ZE 100), at the Dubai Airshow. 

This 19-seat commuter seaplane is entirely powered by electricity, presenting a sustainable and cost-effective transportation solution for mega-cities and coastal regions.

Innovative Design for Coastal and Regional Connectivity:

The PHA-ZE 100 boasts an innovative design that combines regional connectivity with eco-friendly operations. 

As an amphibious aircraft, it can land on various water bodies, such as lakes, seas, or rivers, providing a flexible and stable mode of transportation.

Jetka’s seaplane is fully electrically powered, leaving no emissions. This eco-friendly approach aligns with the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions. 

The PHA-ZE 100 aims to contribute to reducing carbon emissions and offers passengers an environmentally conscious travel option.

Operational Cost Reduction and Lower Passenger Fares:

One of the key features of the PHA-ZE 100 is its potential to reduce operating costs by up to 70%, leading to lower passenger fares. 

The electric propulsion system requires minimal maintenance, and using carbon fiber enhances durability, making it a cost-effective option for operators while maintaining profitability.

Jetka has set its sights on entering the market with the PHA-ZE 100 in 2028. 

The seaplane’s potential to revolutionize regional transportation, particularly in island nations and areas with extensive waterways, makes it a promising addition to the aviation industry.

Partnership with Dubai-Based Company and Regional Expansion:

Jetka has already signed a letter of intent (LOI) with a Dubai-based company, indicating an agreement to acquire 10 aircraft. 

The company sees potential in the Middle East and envisions the seaplane facilitating travel between regions separated by large bodies of water.

The PHA-ZE 100 offers a unique travel experience, allowing for various operational capabilities. 

With its amphibious nature, the seaplane enables experiential travel, accommodating kayaking or scuba diving activities. Its flexibility makes it a versatile and multi-service operational vehicle.

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