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Jennifer Aniston Reflects on Matthew Perry’s Last Days

Jennifer Aniston opens up about her final conversation with Friends co-star Matthew Perry, who tragically died.

In a heartfelt interview with Variety, Jennifer Aniston shares poignant details about her final conversation with Friends co-star Matthew Perry, who tragically passed away at 54 due to an apparent accidental drowning. 

Aniston aims to dispel misconceptions about Perry’s state of mind before his untimely death, emphasizing his positivity and dedication to a healthier lifestyle.

Last Moments of Happiness: 

According to Aniston, Perry was in a good place before his passing. He had successfully quit smoking, prioritized his health, and was actively working on getting in shape. 

The actress revealed that their last exchange occurred on the day of his demise, with Perry displaying happiness and showing no signs of inner struggles.

Aniston’s Tribute to Matthew Perry:

Expressing her grief, Aniston stated, “I miss him dearly. We all do. Boy, he made us laugh hard.” 

She acknowledged Perry’s unique contribution to the show, highlighting his distinctive dialect and its impact on shaping the chemistry among the Friends cast. Aniston emphasized how Perry’s humor added a special element to their collective joy.

Aniston’s interview seeks to correct any misunderstandings surrounding Perry’s health and mental well-being. 

She wants the world to know that Perry was actively pursuing a healthier lifestyle and was not grappling with personal challenges during his final days.

Aniston’s Continued Expression of Love and Support:

In addition to the interview, Aniston has utilized social media platforms to pay tribute to Perry. Her heartfelt Instagram post on November 15 conveyed love and a sense of peace for Perry. 

Recently, she encouraged support for the Matthew Perry Foundation, which is dedicated to helping those struggling with addiction, in honor of #GivingTuesday.

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