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Jenni Hermoso Recalled to Spanish National Team Amidst Controversy

Jenni Hermoso, a Women's World Cup winner, has been recalled to the Spanish national squad, despite past controversies.

Despite earlier controversy, Jenni Hermoso, a Women’s World Cup-winning player, has been called back to the Spanish national team. 

Hermoso made headlines after being kissed by the former president of the Spanish soccer federation, Luis Rubiales, during an awards ceremony following Spain’s World Cup victory.

Initial Omission for Hermoso:

After the World Cup, Hermoso was initially left out of the national team’s squad to protect her amidst the kiss’s controversy. 

Coach Montse Tome decided then, believing it was in Hermoso’s best interest.

Coach Montse Tome has now included Jenni Hermoso in the squad for the upcoming Nations League games against Italy and Switzerland. 

Tome stated, “Now things have improved. She has played more often. It’s the right moment.”

Kiss Without Consent:

Hermoso maintained that the kiss from Luis Rubiales was without her consent. State prosecutors in Spain later accused Rubiales of sexual assault and coercion, alleging that he tried to convince Hermoso and her family to downplay the incident publicly.

Resolution and Changes in Federation:

The controversy led to the resignation of Luis Rubiales as the president of the Spanish soccer federation. 

National team players had boycotted the team until they received guarantees of change within the federation following intervention by government officials.

Players’ Response and Call-Up:

The World Cup-winning players, initially reluctant to play, were named in Coach Tome’s first squad. 

Some federation officials have been dismissed, and a joint committee involving the players has been established.

Despite the call-up, some players, like Patri Guijarro and Mapi León, who left the squad previously, were not on the new list. 

Spain has succeeded in its post-World Cup matches, winning against Sweden and Switzerland.

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