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Jebel Jais in UAE Registers Record Low Temperature Ahead of Winter

Following a recent low of 8.8ºC, the UAE witnessed a severe cold spell, establishing a new temperature record of 6.6ºC.

Following a recent low of 8.8ºC, the UAE experienced a new cold spell, recording a low of 6.6ºC, setting a fresh temperature record. This dip was observed in the country’s prominent mountain range, Jebel Jais.

Jebel Jais Breaks Records:

Ras Al Khaimah’s Jebel Jais, known for its picturesque vistas, recorded the frigid temperature of 6.6ºC at 6 am, as the National Centre of Meteorology reported. Other areas like Raknah, Mebreh Mountain, Jabal Al Rahba, and Damtha also witnessed low temperatures.

Early Winter Chill:

Despite the official commencement of winter slated for after December 21, experts note that lower temperatures prevail ahead of schedule. 

Jebel Jais, famed for its scenic allure, has become a sought-after destination during winter, drawing residents seeking the pleasant climate and stunning views.

Mountain Adventures in Winter:

For adventure enthusiasts, Jebel Jais offers attractions like the ‘Jebel Jais ziplines’ and ‘Toboggan ride,’ with revised timings in anticipation of the upcoming winter season.

These activities complement the scenic charm, attracting visitors seeking thrills amidst the cooler weather.

Embracing the Winter Vibes:

With the weekend beckoning, Jebel Jais becomes an ideal destination for mountain escapades, accompanied by warm cups of karak chai or outdoor barbecues. 

The crisp winter air provides a perfect backdrop for various activities, from outdoor adventures to leisurely moments in cozy jackets.

Cold Snap in Urban Areas:

Not limited to the mountains, some urban areas in the city are also experiencing cooler temperatures. 

The country’s Met Department forecasts a potential drop to 8ºC in select city locales today, offering residents a taste of the brisk winter climate without leaving home.

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