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Jaquar Opens Innovative Showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

Jaquar, a well-known Indian company known for its bathroom fittings and lighting options, has opened an innovative shop on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Jaquar, a renowned Indian brand praised for its bathroom fittings and lighting options, has unveiled a innovative showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. 

The company boasts over six decades of industry expertise and is widely recognized for its customer-centric approach.

Rajesh Mehra, Director, and Promoter of Jaquar, emphasized the brand’s commitment to creating enduring customer relationships. 

“We don’t believe in only making customers; we believe in making relations,” said Mehra. He highlighted how customers who have experienced Jaquar’s products continue to return, even as they transition to newer and larger spaces, showcasing the brand’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

Showcasing Products for an Enhanced Experience:

Jaquar takes pride in educating and providing an experiential journey for its customers. 

The showroom features live displays of products to help customers fully understand the quality and functionality of the offerings. 

Mehra emphasized, “Seeing is believing, and once you see the experience, I think it makes a lot of difference.”

Sustainability has been a foundational principle for Jaquar from its inception. The brand offers sustainable products and operates with minimal wastage in its manufacturing processes. 

Mehra highlighted the brand’s green initiatives, including zero waste manufacturing, water conservation, recycling, and the extensive use of solar energy in its factories.

Focus on Wellness and Home Comfort:

In the post-COVID-19 era, Jaquar recognizes the growing emphasis on wellness and home comfort. 

The brand has introduced products designed to enhance well-being, including whirlpools, spas, and saunas that promote health and relaxation, allowing customers to create wellness sanctuaries at home.

Complete Design and Concept Services:

The showroom offers customers comprehensive design and planning services for lighting and bathroom solutions. 

Experts are on hand to guide customers, explain product features, and help create customized concepts for their interiors. 

The Dubai showroom is designed to cater to the diverse and opulent tastes of the multicultural audience in the region, delivering luxury, vibrancy, and choice.

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