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Italy scores four past Malta to keep Euro 2024 hope alive

Italy sailed past Malta to keep alive their hopes of overturning England to win Group C.

Italy sailed past Malta to keep alive their hopes of overturning England to win Group C.

Bonaventura’s International Debut Goal

In a commanding performance, Italy’s Giacoma Bonaventura, at the age of 34, celebrated his first international goal for the dominant home side. This milestone marked a significant moment in the match.

Berardi’s Double Trouble

Domenico Berardi added to Italy’s lead with two well-placed strikes, showcasing his scoring prowess and contributing to his team’s commanding position.

Frattesi’s Injury-Time Clincher

Davide Frattesi sealed the deal with a goal in injury time, tucking the ball neatly inside the post, and ensuring Italy’s emphatic victory.

The Points Chase

With this win, Italy moved within three points of group leaders England. A crucial showdown at Wembley on Tuesday night will test their mettle, with only three games remaining in the qualifying round.

The Euro 2024 Quest

Defending European champions Italy find themselves level with Ukraine, who are currently in third place with 10 points. 

To secure their spot in Euro 2024, Italy will need at least two more victories. The journey to qualify remains both challenging and exciting.

The Decisive Match Ahead

The upcoming match between Italy and England could determine the group leader, with England aiming to clinch victory and secure their position at the top of the group. The stakes are high, and the football world awaits this thrilling contest.

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