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Italian Air industry exports to UAE surge amidst growth trends

Italian defense and aerospace exports to UAE have risen 25% and are on track to grow further by year's end, caused by Dubai Airshow deals.

Italian defense and aerospace exports to UAE have risen 25% and are on track to grow further by year’s end, caused by Dubai Airshow deals.

Stellar Growth in Export Figures:

Italy’s exports to the UAE within the air industry, encompassing aeronautics and aerospace, showcased an impressive surge of 25 percent, surpassing $26 million (EUR24 million) in the initial seven months of 2023. 

These figures, revealed by Italy’s deputy trade commissioner at the Dubai Airshow, indicate a robust expansion in trade relations between the two countries.

Consistent Growth Trajectory:

Building on last year’s successes, Italian exports in this sector to the UAE exceeded $38.5 million (EUR35.6 million), marking a notable 0.4 percent increase compared to the previous year, highlighting a steady upward trajectory in trade activities.

Significance of the Dubai Airshow:

The announcement was made on the sidelines of the prestigious Dubai Airshow, emphasizing the event’s pivotal role as a platform for fostering international trade partnerships and showcasing industry achievements.

Aeronautics and Aerospace Strength:

The substantial increase in exports specifically within aeronautics and aerospace underscores the strength and quality of Italian products and services in these niche sectors, contributing significantly to the bilateral trade relationship between Italy and the UAE.


Italy’s burgeoning export figures in the aeronautic and aerospace industries reflect a burgeoning partnership with the UAE. These numbers not only signify the growing market presence of Italian products but also underscore the significance of collaborative trade initiatives in the global air industry landscape.

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