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Israel’s Post-War Security Strategy in Gaza: Creating Buffer Zone

Israel is currently pursuing a strategic "security envelope" to prevent Hamas from situating themselves along its border.

In the aftermath of the Gaza war, Israel is actively pursuing a strategic “security envelope” aimed at preventing the repositioning of Hamas along its border, as stated by a senior adviser to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday.

Buffer Zone Proposal to Arab States:

Recent reports from Reuters indicate that Israel has communicated its intention to establish a buffer zone on the Palestinian side of Gaza’s border to thwart potential future attacks. This proposal is part of broader plans for the coastal enclave post-war.

Addressing concerns about the buffer zone, Mark Regev, a senior adviser, emphasized the necessity of a security envelope. He stressed that Israel cannot afford to allow terrorists to breach the border, citing the tragic events of October 7.

Clarification on Territory Issues:

Regev clarified that the proposed security zones do not entail annexing territory from Gaza. Instead, they are strategic measures to create specialized areas on the ground, limiting the ability of hostile forces, particularly Hamas, to infiltrate and harm Israeli civilians.

Israel has reportedly conveyed its plans to neighboring countries, including Egypt and Jordan, as well as the UAE. Even Saudi Arabia, despite not having diplomatic ties with Israel and pausing normalization efforts, has been briefed on Israel’s post-war security strategy.

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