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Israeli Strike at Gaza’s Largest Hospital Kills 13, Sparks Fears

The statement published by the authorities in response to the attack on the Al Shifa compound in central Gaza City focused on the immediate aftermath of the strike.

The Hamas government in the Gaza Strip reported a devastating incident on Friday, asserting that an Israeli strike targeted the territory’s largest hospital compound, resulting in the tragic loss of 13 lives.

Chaos and Fears Grip Gaza City:

The government’s statement, issued in response to the attack on the Al Shifa compound in central Gaza City, highlighted the immediate aftermath of the strike. 

An AFP journalist witnessed at least seven covered bodies outside the hospital, underscoring the severity of the situation.

Hospital Director Speaks Out:

Al Shifa Hospital director Mohammad Abu Salmiya confirmed the distressing turn of events, stating that “Israeli tanks fired on Al Shifa hospital.” 

The incident has left many residents in a state of panic, with one survivor, Abu Mohammad, expressing his desperation after seeking refuge in the hospital.

Civilians Caught in the Crossfire:

Abu Mohammad, along with 15 relatives, had sought shelter in the hospital due to the bombardments in their neighborhood. 

Faced with the alarming escalation, he voiced the bleak reality: “There is no safe place left. The army hit Al Shifa. I don’t know what to do.”

Hospitals Surrounded Amid Fierce Fighting:

Reports emerged that tanks had surrounded other hospitals in Gaza City as the conflict intensified, compelling hundreds of thousands of people to flee to the southern part of the territory in recent weeks. 

Witnesses described a dire situation, with ongoing gunfire and explosions adding to the chaos.

Dawn of Destruction:

AFPTV footage captured a fireball and smoke rising over the city at dawn, providing a visual testament to the intensity of the conflict. 

The sounds of apparent gunfire and explosions early Friday only served to escalate tensions, leaving residents fearful and uncertain about their safety.

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