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Israeli Officials Allege Atrocities Committed by Hamas

On October 7, Hamas launched a missile attack on Israeli towns from the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Israeli officials on Saturday claimed that their military forensic teams had found multiple signs of torture, rape, and other atrocities on the bodies of those attacked by the Palestine-based militant group Hamas on October 7, as reported by Reuters.

Hamas, backed by a barrage of rockets, attacked Israeli towns from the blockaded Gaza Strip on October 7. 

They fired indiscriminately at a large outdoor party, homes, and military bases, resulting in the deaths of more than 120 Israelis and foreigners and the abduction of 120 individuals.

Israeli Retaliatory Strikes and Humanitarian Impact:

In retaliatory airstrikes, Tel Aviv has killed over 2,300 Palestinians, including 600 children, and has warned Gazans to evacuate immediately, with preparations for a ground invasion underway. Approximately 423,000 Gazans have been displaced, with 60% seeking shelter with the United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA).

Identification and Investigation:

Israel has kept the bodies of those killed in the attack at an army base in Ramla, central Israel, to determine the deceased’s identity and the circumstances of their deaths. Former army chief rabbi Israel Weiss stated that around 90% of the military casualties have been identified, and teams are identifying civilians.

Alarming Discoveries During Forensic Examination:

Reserve warrant officer, Avigayil, revealed disturbing findings during forensic examinations, including dismembered bodies, beheadings, and multiple cases of rape.

Captain Maayan, a military dentist, explained that they have been carrying out identification by all means, observing severe signs of abuse, gunshots, and evidence of torture on the bodies.

Lack of Forensic Evidence Shared:

While the military personnel overseeing the identification process have made these claims, they have not provided forensic evidence in pictures or medical records. Hamas, on its part, has denied any accusations of abuse.

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