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Israeli Government Approves Key Appointments and Electoral Plans

The Israeli government approved the selection of a new foreign minister to replace Eli Cohen on Sunday.

On Sunday, the Israeli government greenlighted the appointment of a new foreign minister, succeeding Eli Cohen, who is set to assume the role of energy minister as part of a pre-arranged ministerial rotation. These appointments await approval from the Israeli parliament.

Yisrael Katz Takes the Helm as Israel Navigates 86th Day of Conflict:

As Israel grapples with its 86th day of conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Yisrael Katz is slated to take charge as the foreign affairs minister. 

At the same time, Eli Cohen maintains his role as a security cabinet member. The ongoing conflict stems from an attack by the Palestinian militant group on October 7, resulting in casualties and hostage situations.

Municipal Elections Set for February Amidst War Considerations:

In a significant decision, the Israeli government has approved for postponed municipal elections to be held in February, pending parliamentary consent. 

Notably, these elections were pre-determined, acknowledging the challenges of conducting elections during wartime. 

The prime minister’s office emphasized that this decision, although uncommon during the conflict, had been established in advance and had faced one prior postponement.

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