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Israel-Hamas Conflict: Preparations for Ground Operation Underway

Preparations for a possible ground action in Gaza have been declared by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), subject to government approval.

Amid the Israel-Hamas blitzkrieg triggered by Hamas’s unprecedented attack inside Israel, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced preparations for a potential ground operation in Gaza, pending government approval. 

A war cabinet has been formed on an emergency basis, with Israel’s opposition leader, Benny Gantz, joining forces with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant to chart the course of action in this escalating conflict.

Preparations for Ground Maneuver:

Lt. Col. Richard Hecht informed reporters that forces are getting ready for a ground maneuver if such a decision is made. 

The existence of a war cabinet and the mobilization of army reservists indicate the possibility of a significant ground incursion into Gaza.

Experts note that Israel’s current build-up is reminiscent of their actions in 2008 and 2014. A security source from Israel quoted by Reuters as saying that a ground offensive now seems inevitable.

Historical Context:

In 2008, Israel lost nine soldiers during its incursion into Gaza. In 2014, the number of casualties rose significantly, with 66 soldiers reported killed, as per Reuters.

Netanyahu’s Vow and International Response:

Prime Minister Netanyahu has pledged to avenge the Hamas attack. 

He made strong accusations against Hamas militants in a televised address, including beheading children and raping women. However, Hamas strongly denied these claims.

Biden’s Statement and Clarification:

US President Joe Biden expressed shock at the allegations of terrorists beheading children but later had the White House clarify that he had not seen images or independently confirmed such reports.

Consequences of a Ground Invasion:

Gaza is densely populated, and a ground invasion would likely result in significant casualties on both sides. The preparations being made by Israel indicate that they are planning a substantial military operation. 

The construction of a base near the Gaza Strip for soldier accommodation underscores the seriousness of these preparations.

This structured format should help readers understand the key points and developments in the ongoing conflict.

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