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Israel Declares “State of War” Following Rocket Attack

Following a surprise rocket attack by Palestine's Hamas terrorists, Israel declared a "state of war" and started air attacks on the Gaza Strip.

In a significant escalation of the Israel-Palestine conflict, Israel has declared a “state of war” and launched air strikes on the Gaza Strip after a surprise rocket attack by Palestine’s Hamas militants. The situation remains volatile and rapidly evolving.

Israel’s Declaration of War:

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, declared the country at war in a video statement following the rocket attacks. 

He affirmed, “We are at war and will win.” Netanyahu also warned that Israel’s enemy would face a severe price for their actions.

Palestinian Militants’ Actions:

Palestinian militants initiated a “war” against Israel with a barrage of rocket attacks and an infiltration of fighters from the Palestinian enclave. This escalation led to casualties, with at least two people reported killed in Israel.

Israel’s Defense Minister’s Response:

Israel’s Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant, characterized the situation as Palestinian militant group Hamas launching a “war against the State of Israel.” He indicated that Israeli troops were confronted with the enemy at multiple locations.

Airstrikes and Gunfights:

Israel’s military initiated air strikes on Gaza in response to the rocket barrage within the territory. Air raid sirens sounded as far as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, signifying the severity of the situation. 

Israeli forces were involved in gunfights with Hamas militants who had infiltrated Israel at several locations, including crossing the separation fence and invading through the air.

The conflict continues to unfold, and the region’s situation remains fluid and tense.

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