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Iran Executes Four Individuals Convicted of Spying for Israel

On Friday, Iran's judiciary confirmed the execution of four people convicted of spying for Israel in the northwestern region of West Azerbaijan.

Iran’s judiciary announced on Friday that four individuals convicted of spying for Israel were executed in the northwestern province of West Azerbaijan. 

The group, comprising three men — Vafa Hanareh, Aram Omari, and Rahman Parhazo — and one woman, Nasim Namazi, faced charges of “moharebeh” (waging war against God) and “corruption on Earth” for collaborating with Israel’s Mossad.

Espionage and Collaboration with Mossad:

The executed group was accused of conducting “extensive actions against the country’s security under the guidance of the Mossad,” Israel’s intelligence agency, according to Mizan Online, the judiciary’s website. “moharebeh” suggests a severe crime related to acts against the state or God.

Iran and Israel, long-standing adversaries, do not recognize each other diplomatically and have engaged in a covert conflict for years. The recent executions mark another episode in the shadow war between the two nations.

Previous Executions for Similar Charges:

Less than two weeks before this incident, Iran executed an individual in Sistan-Baluchistan on charges of working for Mossad. In December 2022, four more individuals were hanged for collaborating with Israel’s intelligence services.

Tehran regularly accuses Israel of orchestrating sabotage attacks and assassinations targeting Iran’s nuclear program. The ongoing tensions between the two countries have escalated in recent years, leading to high-profile incidents.

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