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iPhone 15 Overheating Concerns in the UAE Spark Rush for Updates

Due to mounting concerns over overheating, users in the UAE are hurrying to update their newly introduced iPhone 15.

Users in the UAE are rushing to update their newly released iPhone 15 due to growing concerns about overheating. 

The iPhone 15 was made available in the UAE on September 22 and generated massive excitement upon its release. 

The new model sold like hotcakes, with malls in Dubai witnessing long queues of buyers. However, residents who were lucky to get their hands on the new release from Apple reported their devices heated up while charging, causing concern among iPhone lovers.

Immediate Response from Apple with iOS 17 Update:

Apple released the iOS 17 system update earlier this month on October 4 in response to these worries. Users who experienced overheating issues with their iPhone 15 found relief after installing the new operating system.

User Experiences with the iPhone 15:

For Rizzat Rixsitillaev, an expat from Uzbekistan and a Deira resident, excitement turned into frustration as he noticed his iPhone 15 was heating up more than expected. 

After installing iOS 17, he found that the heating issue was resolved and is now enjoying using his device.

Abdullah Saeed, who got the iPhone 15 Pro Max early on, also experienced overheating problems but found relief after installing the update. 

He said he was delighted to receive the phone initially, but the overheating issues disappointed him until the update came to the rescue.

Varied User Experiences:

Not all users reported overheating issues with their iPhone 15. Raj Raghavan Vadakkedath, a social media influencer and jockey, believed the overheating reports were rumors and stated that he had a smooth and enjoyable experience with his new iPhone.

Albin Varghese, another iPhone user, expressed satisfaction with his iPhone 15, stating that it has been working perfectly since the day he got it, without any overheating problems.

The iOS 17 update appears to resolve the heating concerns for many users, while others have not experienced any issues from the start.

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