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Investigation Underway as 300 Indian Nationals Grounded in France

Around 300 Indian people were stranded on a plane in France on suspicion of human trafficking.

Approximately 300 Indian nationals, stranded on a plane grounded in France on suspicion of human trafficking, are being cared for at Vatry airport in the eastern Marne region. 

The passengers are accommodated in makeshift beds with access to toilets and showers. Marne emergency services provide meals and hot drinks while officials from the Indian general consulate regularly visit the stranded individuals. 

The flight, operated by Romanian charter company Legend Airlines, landed at Vatry for a technical stopover, triggering French police intervention and an ongoing judicial investigation into the purpose and conditions of the trip.

Investigation Launched Into Suspected Human Trafficking:

The Marne prefect’s office initiated a judicial investigation, with a unit specializing in organized crime examining potential human trafficking. 

The Paris Public Prosecution Office revealed that authorities received a tip from an anonymous informant. Thirteen unaccompanied minors were reported among the passengers on the grounded plane destined for Nicaragua. 

Two individuals were held for questioning, and the crew of the plane, chartered by Legend Airlines, has been released after the interrogation.

Legend Airlines Denies Understanding the Grounding:

Legend Airlines, the Romanian charter company, expressed confusion over the plane’s grounding. 

The crew members were released without being put into custody, according to Liliana Bakayoko, a lawyer representing Legend Airlines. 

The airline stated that the flight was chartered by a “trusted” non-European client, withholding the client’s name. 

The investigation continues, while the Indian embassy in Paris and the Indian foreign ministry have not yet commented on the situation.

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