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Investcorp Capital boosts IPO size amidst strong investor demand

After forging high demand, the account manager tightens the price range.

After forging high demand, the account manager tightens the price range.

Increased Offering in Response to Demand:

Investcorp Capital has opted to expand its initial public offering (IPO) size in response to robust demand from both international and regional institutional investors. 

The fund manager now plans to sell 720 million ordinary shares, up from the initial plan of 643 million. This represents a significant portion, accounting for 32.85% of the company’s total issued share capital.

Wide Investor Interest:

The decision to enlarge the IPO size reflects the notable interest from a diverse pool of investors. Investcorp Capital’s exposure across regional and international asset classes likely contributes to its appeal among investors seeking diversified opportunities.

IPO Subscription Period:

Investcorp Capital commenced its IPO subscription on November 2, signaling a window for potential investors to participate in the offering.

Revised Price Range:

In addition to increasing the IPO size, there has been a tightening of the price range for the shares. Initially set between Dh1.90 to Dh2.30, the revised range now falls within Dh2.22 to Dh2.30, indicating an adjustment towards the upper limit.

The move to enhance the IPO size and adjust the price range suggests a positive market response and confidence in Investcorp Capital’s offerings. The fund manager’s strategic decisions align with a dynamic market environment, reflecting its agility in responding to investor demand and optimizing its market debut.

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