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Internet and Mobile Services Disrupted in Gaza Strip

Due to severe Israeli bombing, mobile phone and internet services in the Gaza Strip were abruptly cut.

Mobile phone and internet services in the Gaza Strip were abruptly disrupted as a result of heavy Israeli bombardment. 

Palestinian telecom provider Paltel reported that internet connectivity in the region had been severed due to the attacks.

Blackout Following Intensive Israeli Airstrikes:

The disruption in services occurred on a Friday evening, coinciding with a wave of intense Israeli airstrikes that illuminated the night sky over the besieged territory. 

The relentless bombardment left Gaza in darkness.

The Palestinian Red Crescent, Gaza’s primary emergency service, was also severely affected by the internet blackout. 

The blackout hindered their communication with their operations room in the Gaza Strip, making it challenging to respond to urgent situations.

Mobile Phone Service and Internet Cut Off Confirmed by Jawwal:

Jawwal, another Palestinian telecommunication company, confirmed the disruption of mobile phone and internet connectivity in the Gaza Strip. 

They shared this information via a Facebook message, highlighting the extent of the communication breakdown.

Accusations Against Israel by the Hamas Government:

The Hamas government in Gaza accused Israel of deliberately cutting off communications and internet access across the Gaza Strip. 

They alleged that this measure was taken to facilitate retaliatory airstrikes by Israeli forces. Heavy strikes were reported in northern Gaza.

The Impact and Implications:

The sudden disruption of mobile phone service and internet connectivity in the Gaza Strip has significant implications for the local population. 

It not only hampers communication and access to information but also raises concerns about the ability of emergency services to respond effectively to crises amid ongoing hostilities. 

The accusations by the Hamas government underscore the broader context of the battle and its impact on the civilian population.

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