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Interfaith call for solidarity: prayer and fasting for Israel-Gaza

This follows Pope Francis's statement for a day of prayer on Friday, October 27, insisting on an end to the war.

This follows Pope Francis’s statement for a day of prayer on Friday, October 27, insisting on an end to the war.

UAE’s Catholic Leader Joins Pope’s Initiative

The head of the Catholic Church in the UAE, Bishop Paolo Martinelli, has issued a call for people of all faiths to come together in a show of solidarity. 

This call follows Pope Francis’ announcement designating October 27 as a day for fasting, prayer, and penance, with a special gathering at St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican. 

The purpose of this global initiative is to implore peace in the world, specifically addressing the ongoing crisis in Gaza and Israel.

Pope Francis’ Concern and Compassion

Pope Francis has expressed deep concern and grief over the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. 

He has urged for the entry of much-needed aid into the besieged territory and appealed for the release of Israeli hostages. 

His proactive stance underlines the Vatican’s commitment to addressing the suffering and strife in the region.

Bishop Martinelli’s Interfaith Invitation

In response to Pope Francis’ message, Bishop Martinelli has extended an invitation to people of all faiths, regardless of their beliefs, to unite on Friday. 

This collective call for solidarity transcends religious boundaries and emphasizes the universal importance of compassion and unity in times of crisis.

A Global Display of Unity

This interfaith call for solidarity underscores the significance of global unity and compassion.

It serves as a powerful reminder that the conflict and suffering in Gaza and Israel affect people of diverse backgrounds, and that through collective support and prayers, a positive impact can be made.

Promoting Peace and Humanitarian Aid

The leaders’ messages reflect a commitment to peace and humanitarian efforts, emphasizing the need for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict in the region. 

By advocating for humanitarian aid and the release of hostages, they contribute to the broader goal of resolving the Middle East’s complex issues peacefully and justly.

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