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Insurance Pitfalls: Common Mistakes Motorists Make During UAE Rains

Recent torrential rains in the UAE have highlighted typical mistakes made by motorists, potentially invalidating insurance claims.

Recent heavy rains in the UAE have highlighted common mistakes motorists make, potentially leading to insurance claims being invalidated. 

Damaged wipers, driving in submerged waters, and overestimating vehicle capabilities during flooding are key pitfalls.

Importance of Reading Insurance Policies:

An insurance industry executive emphasizes that many individuals fail to read their insurance policies thoroughly, leading to complaints about uncovered damages. 

Understanding policy details, especially coverage for natural calamities like floods is crucial to avoiding unexpected complications during claims.

Floods can cause significant damage to vehicles, affecting interiors, engines, and electronics. The aftermath may result in costly repairs or total loss claims. 

Driving on waterlogged roads, even post-rain poses risks, and failure to take precautions could impact claim eligibility.

Vehicle Maintenance and Responsibly Driving in Rain:

Vehicle owners are urged to maintain situational awareness and drive responsibly in adverse weather conditions. 

Neglecting water damage assessment after a stall or repeatedly attempting to start a stalled vehicle are common errors that can jeopardize insurance claims.

Motorists often neglect specific insurance covers for natural calamities, assuming third-party liability coverage is sufficient. 

Reading and understanding insurance policies, including roadside assistance and comprehensive coverage, is crucial to ensuring adequate protection.

Neglecting Wiper Maintenance:

Neglecting damaged wipers is highlighted as a common oversight. 

Motorists, accustomed to dry weather conditions, may overlook the importance of well-maintained wipers for rain and dust removal. 

Regular replacement, at least once or twice a year, is advised.

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