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Innovative Road Alert System Proves Highly Effective in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Police Department has presented an innovative road warning system meant to alert motorists of hazardous weather conditions and accidents.

Abu Dhabi Police have revealed that an innovative road alert system designed to notify motorists of adverse weather conditions and accidents has successfully prevented fatalities and serious injuries. 

This information was shared at the ongoing Gitex Global event in Dubai.

No Fatalities or Serious Injuries in Eight Months:

Since installing radar-like emergency devices on Abu Dhabi’s major highways approximately eight months ago, authorities have reported no fatalities or serious injuries related to accidents or adverse weather conditions.

The alert system, deployed at 100-meter intervals in both directions along the Dubai-Abu Dhabi Highway (E 11), employs a color-coding system for communication. 

When red and blue lights flash simultaneously, it indicates a traffic accident ahead. A flashing yellow light signals that motorists should slow down due to adverse weather conditions, such as heavy fog, dust, or rain. 

The smart warning device has four colors, with a fourth one reserved for future use.

Speed Reduction During Adverse Weather:

Motorists are reminded that when they see the yellow flashing light, they should reduce their speed. 

In response to this alert, all speed radars along E-11 automatically lower the speed limit to 80 kilometers per hour, down from the usual maximum speed of 140 kilometers per hour. 

Motorists who exceed the 80 km/h speed limit during inclement weather will face overspeeding fines.

Comprehensive Road Safety Measures:

The smart alert system is the latest addition to a series of road safety measures implemented by Abu Dhabi Police since 2018. 

Previous measures included:

  • Sending SMS alerts to Abu Dhabi motorists.
  • Utilizing large screens and barriers.
  • Installing radars and cameras to monitor large buses and heavy vehicles during adverse weather.

Solar-Powered and Expanding to Al Dhafra Region:

The solar-powered, color-coded warning devices have been initially deployed along E-11, and authorities are installing them in the Al Dhafra region. 

Plans are also underway to introduce this alert system on Abu Dhabi’s internal roads.

The primary objective of these measures is to enhance road safety and ultimately save lives, reaffirming the commitment of the Abu Dhabi Police to protect motorists and the community.

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