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Indonesian Embassy in Abu Dhabi Facilitates Repatriation of Expats

Seven Indonesian expatriates were successfully repatriated by the Indonesian Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

The Indonesian Embassy in Abu Dhabi has successfully facilitated the repatriation of seven Indonesian expatriates, including four undocumented children. 

The repatriation involved three families, each comprising a father and two children and two mothers with one child each. All seven individuals were flown to Jakarta.

Collaboration and Support:

Husin Bagis, the Indonesian Ambassador to the UAE, expressed gratitude for the collaboration with the UAE’s immigration authorities, highlighting their crucial support in repatriation success. This marks the third repatriation effort in coordination with the UAE’s immigration authorities.

Mother and Child Repatriation Program:

The repatriation initiative is part of the embassy’s Mother and Child Repatriation Program. It involves a DNA testing program in collaboration with Indonesia’s National Police’s international relations division. This testing program is a prerequisite for the repatriation process.

Handling in Indonesia:

Upon their arrival in Indonesia, the repatriated individuals will be managed by the Indonesian Migrant Worker Protection Agency. 

This agency will facilitate their return to their respective regions in Indonesia. The repatriates originate from Cirebon, Cianjur, and Indramayu in Indonesia.

Gender Equality Focus:

Ambassador Bagis emphasized that including fathers in this repatriation underscores the embassy’s commitment to gender equality. 

This approach reflects the embassy’s dedication to protecting every Indonesian citizen and child in the accredited country without any exceptions.

The embassy noted that, to date, 164 Indonesian mothers, fathers, and children have been successfully repatriated through various initiatives.

This ongoing effort showcases the embassy’s dedication to ensuring the welfare and safe return of Indonesian citizens residing abroad.

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