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Indigenous voices echo urgent need for land protection at COP28

Indigenous people say their ancestral motherland is in peril from global warming.

Global Indigenous Call for Land Protection

At Cop28 in Dubai’s Expo City, indigenous communities across the Americas and Asia made impassioned appeals, urging world leaders to honor commitments and safeguard ancestral lands from encroachment by climate change and industrial projects.

Defending Heritage Amid Threats

Representatives from these native communities highlighted the peril their heritage faces from climate shifts and invasive industrial activities on protected territories. Their ancestral lands are at risk due to mining ventures and environmental alterations, jeopardizing their traditional ways of life.

Guardians of Earth’s Legacy

Valdelice Veron, a spokesperson for the Guarani-Kaiowa community in south-western Brazil, emphasized their role as custodians of the Earth and nature. She led the call for global governments to uphold their commitment to preserve these lands, stressing the essentiality of protecting these territories for future generations.

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