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Indian Navy Tracks Hijacked MV Ruen Amidst Somali Pirate Suspicions

To assist the stricken vessel, the Indian Navy despatched anti-piracy patrol capabilities, including a destroyer and marine patrol aircraft.

The Indian Navy revealed its vigilance over a distressing situation involving the Maltese-flagged MV Ruen, which issued a Mayday signal on Thursday via the UK Maritime Trade Operations portal. 

The distress call reported the intrusion of six unknown individuals onto the vessel, raising concerns about a possible Somali pirate encounter.

Swift Naval Response and Ongoing Surveillance:

Responding promptly, the Indian Navy dispatched anti-piracy patrol assets, including a warship and maritime patrol aircraft, to aid the imperiled vessel. 

Continuous aerial surveillance tracked the movement of the hijacked carrier, now reportedly en route toward the Somali coast. The Navy’s deployed warship intercepted the carrier in the Gulf of Aden on Saturday.

Identity of MV Ruen and International Concerns:

Managed by Bulgaria’s Navibulgar, the MV Ruen carried a crew comprising nationals from Angola, Bulgaria, and Myanmar. 

Initially off Yemen’s Socotra island when boarded, the vessel triggered diplomatic efforts by Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister Maria Gabriel, who sought international assistance to address the crisis.

Suspicions and International Response:

Despite no immediate claim of responsibility, suspicions point to Somali pirates, with fears resurfacing about maritime threats amid regional upheavals. 

Heightened tensions in Yemen, including attacks on ships by Houthi rebels, amplify concerns about resurgent pirate activities. 

International responses, including the dispatch of the Spanish frigate Victoria by the EU’s anti-piracy force, underscore the seriousness of the situation.

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