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Indian Expat Strikes Dh50,000 Jackpot in Dream Island’s Scratch Card Game

Ravi Kumar, a 36-year-old Indian expat from Hyderabad, looked forward to his monthly business trips to Abu Dhabi and the thrill of playing Dream Island's scratch card game.

For more than a year, Ravi Kumar, a 36-year-old Indian expat from Hyderabad, eagerly anticipated his monthly drives to Abu Dhabi for work and the thrill of playing Dream Island’s scratch card game. 

On a fateful day in September 2023, his persistence paid off as he struck gold with a massive Dh50,000 (₹1,100,000) prize.

A Regular Player’s Unexpected Windfall:

Ravi Kumar’s routine included buying a few scratch cards from Dream Island while waiting at Abu Dhabi Airport for his employer. 

Despite usually opting for the Buy 3 Get 1 store offer, he had been unfortunate with his previous purchases. On this particular day, he tried one last Lucky 7 card, which changed his life with a Dh50,000 win.

While Ravi had long dreamed of starting a small business in Telangana, financial constraints had always stood in his way. However, the Dh50,000 windfall from Dream Island now allows him to turn that dream into a reality.

Making Dreams Come True for UAE Residents:

Dream Island, the UAE’s pioneering scratch card game provider, has transformed winners’ lives nationwide. 

By offering scratch card games in-store and various other games that can be played for as low as Dh1, Dream Island has become a platform where dreams can become a reality.

While summer may have ended, Dream Island’s Buy 3 Get 1 in-store promotion is still in full swing. 

As Ravi Kumar and many others have experienced, this promotion offers players the chance to win real cash prizes and make their dreams come true.

Ravi Kumar’s unexpected Dh50,000 jackpot from Dream Island’s scratch card game exemplifies the transformative power of luck and opportunity. 

Dream Island continues to offer UAE residents the prospect of changing their lives with exciting games and prizes.

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