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Indian Crypto Firms Flocking to Dubai: A Strategic Shift

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The Allure of Dubai’s Crypto Environment

Indian cryptocurrency firms are increasingly making a beeline for Dubai, drawn by the emirate’s favorable regulatory landscape and business-friendly environment. This migration is a strategic response to the stringent tax rules and ambiguous legal guidelines for digital currencies in India.

India’s Tax Regime vs. Dubai’s Crypto-friendly Policies

In June 2022, India introduced a 30% tax on cryptocurrency trading profits, coupled with a 1% tax on transactions exceeding Rs10,000. These measures have significantly impacted the crypto trading volumes in India, leading to a decline of more than 90% in some cases.

Contrastingly, Dubai offers a more liberal approach to crypto regulation, highlighted by initiatives such as the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (Vara). This supportive regulatory environment, combined with low taxes and ease of business establishment, makes Dubai an attractive destination for crypto firms.

Dubai: A Growing Hub for Crypto Innovation

Dubai’s strategic policies and a supportive regulatory environment have established it as a center for crypto innovation. Key infrastructures, such as the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), are playing a pivotal role. DIFC has proposed enacting a new Digital Assets Law and a Law of Security regime, aiming to balance risk with innovation.

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), home to over 23,000 companies, has established a dedicated Crypto Centre, which includes 550 Web3 companies, with 50 of them being Indian.

The Economic Impact

Dubai’s appeal as a crypto hub is evident in its efforts to attract top crypto talent and businesses from countries like the UK, India, China, the US, and Russia. The Dubai World Trade Centre, now a dedicated free zone for regulated virtual asset businesses, offers foreign ownership, zero corporate tax, and various business amenities.


The shift of Indian crypto firms to Dubai reflects a broader trend in the global crypto economy. As the Middle East and Africa region becomes a significant player in the crypto market, Dubai’s proactive stance in creating a robust and flexible regulatory environment is drawing global businesses and talent, thereby enhancing its position as a leading financial hub.

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