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India to Resume Visa Services in Canada Amid Diplomatic Tensions

The Indian High Commission in Canada has notified that some visa services would resume on October 26.

India’s High Commission in Canada has announced the resumption of some visa services starting October 26. This move comes amid diplomatic tensions triggered by the murder of a Sikh separatist leader in Canada.

Suspension of Visas and Diplomatic Strain:

In the previous month, India suspended the issuance of new visas for Canadian citizens and requested a reduction in Canada’s diplomatic presence.

This decision was made after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau referenced credible evidence suggesting potential links between Indian agents and the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a Canadian citizen killed in a Vancouver suburb in June. 

In response to India’s actions, Canada withdrew 41 diplomats.

India’s Denial and Diplomatic Review:

Despite the allegations, India categorically denied any involvement in the shooting incident. 

On Wednesday, the Indian High Commission revealed that it would resume certain visa services after a comprehensive review of the security situation. 

The High Commission considered recent measures Canada took, although these were not explicitly mentioned.

Resumption of Visa Services:

The Indian High Commission’s statement specified that it would reinstate the issuance of standard entry visas and business, medical, and conference visas, signaling a step towards restoring diplomatic relations.

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