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India Reverses Course on Laptop Import Restrictions

In a surprising decision, India has reversed its earlier plan to impose curbs on laptop imports.

In a surprising move, India has reversed its earlier plan to impose restrictions on laptop imports. 

This decision comes several months after the initial announcement faced criticism from industry experts and the United States.

Trade Secretary’s Announcement:

During a press conference held on Friday, India’s Trade Secretary, Sunil Barthwal, announced the government’s change of course. 

He clarified, “India will not impose restrictions on laptop imports,” and explained that the government’s objective is to keep a closer watch on importers rather than impose strict limitations.

Delayed Import Licensing Regime:

The initial import licensing regime, unveiled on August 3, was designed to “ensure trusted hardware and systems” entered the Indian market. 

However, this plan faced significant delays, with a three-month postponement, due to strong objections from the industry and criticism from Washington. 

The proposed restrictions would have impacted major tech companies like Dell, HP, Apple, Samsung, and Lenovo.

Consultations and Future Plans:

To address the concerns and criticisms, the Indian government has initiated consultations with industry stakeholders. 

Directorate General of Foreign Trade Santosh Kumar Sarangi stated that a new order regarding laptop imports will be announced by the end of October. However, the press conference did not disclose specific details about these new plans.

This revised approach highlights the government’s willingness to engage with the industry and adapt its policies in response to feedback and concerns.

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