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India: Delhi Experience Strong Tremors, No Damage Reported

On Sunday afternoon, Delhi and the National Capital Region saw severe earthquakes, the second incidence of significant shakes in a few of days.

Delhi and the National Capital Region experienced strong tremors on Sunday afternoon, marking the second occurrence of significant jolts in a matter of days, following a similar incident on October 3.

Earthquake Details:

The estimated magnitude of Sunday’s earthquake that affected Delhi and the neighboring areas was recorded at 3.1. It occurred at 4:08 pm local time. 

According to the National Centre for Seismology, the earthquake’s epicenter was located in Haryana’s Faridabad, at a depth of 10 kilometers. 

The epicenter was nine kilometers east of Faridabad and 30 kilometers southeast of Delhi.

Fortunately, there has been no news of damage or casualties from Sunday’s earthquake.

Contrasting Magnitudes:

Sunday’s earthquake, with a magnitude of 3.1, was notably weaker than the recent earthquake in Nepal, which had a magnitude of 6.2 and occurred at a depth of 5 kilometers.

Please note that this article represents the provided text and is not based on specific real events or seismic data.

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