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India Captain Rohit Sharma Receives Traffic Challans for Rash Driving

Team India captain Rohit Sharma is said to have received traffic citations for reckless driving on the Mumbai-Pune motorway in Maharashtra.

Team India captain Rohit Sharma has reportedly been issued traffic challans for rash driving on the Mumbai-Pune expressway in Maharashtra. 

This development has garnered attention as it comes ahead of India’s World Cup 2023 fixture against Bangladesh in Pune.

Traffic Challans for Overspeeding:

According to sources within the traffic department, Rohit Sharma received three traffic challans for overspeeding. The cricketer was driving his Lamborghini at exceptionally high speeds, often exceeding 200 km/h and reaching up to 215 km/h.

Traffic authorities expressed concern about Rohit Sharma’s high-speed driving during the World Cup. It was suggested that as the team’s captain, he should have been traveling in the team bus with a police escort.

Safety Concerns from Fans:

Fans on social media also expressed concern for Rohit Sharma’s safety, given the history of severe injuries suffered by Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant in a car accident in December 2022.

In terms of cricket performance, Rohit Sharma’s leadership has been promising. 

The Indian cricket team has begun their World Cup 2023 campaign impressively, remaining unbeaten in their first three matches. India holds the second spot in the World Cup standings with six points.

Upcoming World Cup Fixture:

The upcoming World Cup fixture for Team India is against Bangladesh. The match is scheduled at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune.

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