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India Aims to Quadruple Plastic Exports to UAE, Targeting $5 Billion

Plexconcil anticipates a significant increase in plastic exports to the UAE, with a goal of increasing trade figures to $5 billion by 2027.

Plexconcil, a representative body of India’s plastic exporters, envisions a substantial surge in plastic exports to the UAE, aiming to escalate trade figures to $5 billion by 2027, citing India’s economic stability and superior product quality.

Strategic Presence at Arab Plast 2023:

Hemant Minocha, Chairman of Plexconcil, highlighted India’s participation in the Arab Plast 2023 exhibition in Dubai, affirming India’s commitment by presenting the largest contingent, comprising 73 exporters.

Plexconcil aims to elevate global exports of plastic products from $12 billion to $25 billion by 2027, focusing on exponential growth and leveraging India’s burgeoning potential in the plastic industry.

Enhancing Bilateral Ties and Economic Cooperation:

With the recently inked Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (Cepa) between India and the UAE, Minocha emphasized the framework’s role in bolstering economic collaboration, particularly in the plastic export sector.

India, currently holding a 1.1% share in global plastic exports, seeks to capitalize on its 10% annual export growth, targeting expansion into various countries, including China, the USA, and Europe.

Leveraging the Middle East Market:

Minocha highlighted the Middle East’s significant potential for Indian plastic exports, noting the region’s $38 billion import of plastics in 2022, with India securing a 4.7% share.

Plexconcil plans the second edition of Plexconnect, India’s exclusive plastics export-focused exhibition, in June 2024, aiming to draw over 25,000 trade visitors and engage 1,000+ buyers from 100+ countries.

Plastics and Sustainability:

Amid global environmental concerns, Minocha stressed the plastics industry’s commitment to ethical recycling and sustainable practices, emphasizing the industry’s indispensable role despite calls for plastic bans. 

He emphasized responsible waste management and recycling over targeting plastics themselves.

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