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India affirms coal’s vital role amid fossil fuel action at Cop28

A national report to Cop28 says the nation's development focuses on broader green strategies.

A national report to Cop28 says the nation’s development focuses on broader green strategies.

Steadfast Position:

India reiterated its unwavering stance that coal continues to play a pivotal role in its energy security, despite mounting pressure for Cop28 to outline a decisive action plan regarding the reduction or gradual elimination of fossil fuels.

National Statement:

Presenting its national statement at the UN summit, India emphasized its intention to elevate emissions in line with its developmental necessities. The declaration suggests a stance resistant to immediate efforts aimed at curtailing or limiting coal usage.

Commitment to Net-Zero Emissions:

While asserting the importance of coal for energy security, India reaffirmed its commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2070. 

The country’s negotiating team highlighted the critical nature of India’s developmental energy needs and emphasized that reliance on coal was imperative due to limited domestic oil and natural gas resources.

Energy Security and Development:

India’s message to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change underscored the significant role coal plays in ensuring the nation’s energy security. The country’s reliance on coal remains closely tied to its developmental aspirations, considering the scarcity of domestically sourced oil and natural gas.

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