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Improving rider well-being: Dubai’s 40 air-conditioned rest areas

Sites will have snack dispensers, water coolers, and cell phone charging stations.

Sites will have snack dispensers, water coolers, and cell phone charging stations.


Dubai is set to introduce 40 air-conditioned rest areas dedicated to delivery riders across the city. This significant initiative aims to enhance the comfort and safety of these essential workers. Let’s explore the key features and benefits of these rest areas in detail.

Amenities for Rider Convenience:

One of the primary highlights of these rest areas is the range of amenities provided. Each facility will be equipped with a snack dispenser, a water cooler, and a mobile phone charging station. These amenities are designed to make life easier for delivery riders during their breaks or while awaiting orders.

Capacity and Social Spaces:

Depending on the specific location, these rest areas can accommodate up to 10 people at a time. This feature ensures that riders have a dedicated and spacious place to relax, socialize with colleagues, or simply take a well-deserved break from their demanding schedules.

Motorcycle Parking:

To keep the area organized and to provide secure parking for motorcycles, these rest areas will include designated parking spaces for delivery riders. 

This convenience helps riders feel confident about the safety of their vehicles while they use the rest area’s facilities.

Sunlight-Resistant Design:

Given Dubai’s scorching climate, it’s essential to protect outdoor workers from the harsh effects of sunlight. 

The rest areas have been thoughtfully designed to reduce the impact of sunlight. This design element not only keeps the areas cooler but also protects riders from UV rays and heat exposure.

Enhancing Road Safety:

Improving road safety is a core objective of this initiative. By offering delivery riders a designated place to rest, recharge, and socialize, the initiative aims to reduce fatigue-related accidents. 

These rest areas provide riders with the opportunity to refresh themselves, ensuring they are more alert and focused while on the road.

Worker Well-being and Recognition:

Beyond safety, these air-conditioned rest areas are a testament to Dubai’s commitment to supporting its workforce. 

They provide a comfortable and shaded space where delivery riders can rejuvenate and escape the extreme weather conditions they often face. This initiative recognizes the dedication and hard work of these individuals who play a pivotal role in the city’s delivery services.


Dubai’s investment in 40 air-conditioned rest areas for delivery riders is a significant step towards improving the quality of life and safety for these essential workers. 

It’s a testament to the city’s commitment to worker well-being, convenience, and road safety, and it sets an example for other cities to follow in supporting their delivery workforce.

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