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iFarm launches Dubai’s first vertical farm with cutting-edge technology

iFarm to produce salad items at a vertical farm in Dubai.

iFarm to produce salad items at a vertical farm in Dubai.

iFarm’s Groundbreaking Venture in Dubai

iFarm, a technology-driven agricultural innovator, has announced a pioneering initiative in Dubai—the launch of the city’s first vertical farm employing its advanced technology.

Ultra-Fresh Produce for Premium Markets

This vertical farm in Dubai is set to produce a wide range of ultra-fresh and high-quality crops, including leafy greens, baby leaves, microgreens, herbs, and even edible flowers. 

These premium produce items are destined for select retail outlets and the HoReCa sector, which encompasses hotels, restaurants, and catering businesses.

By introducing cutting-edge vertical farming technology, iFarm aims to provide the Dubai market with a sustainable source of fresh, locally grown, and premium-quality agricultural products, reducing the need for long-distance transportation and promoting sustainability in the food industry.

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