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IDF Kills Hamas Commander Responsible for Paraglider Infiltration

The Israel Defence Force (IDF) stated on Saturday that Asem Abu Rakaba had been successfully destroyed.

The Israel Defence Force (IDF) announced on Saturday that it had successfully eliminated Asem Abu Rakaba, the Hamas commander responsible for leading a group of terrorists who infiltrated Israel using paragliders on October 7.

Asem Abu Rakaba was not only involved in the paraglider infiltration but also had a significant role in orchestrating drone attacks on IDF military posts.

Ongoing Operations Against Hamas Leadership:

Since the October 7 attack, the IDF has been actively targeting top Hamas commanders. Just a week earlier, they reportedly killed the previous head of the group’s aerial forces, Murad Abu Murad.

Throughout Friday night and Saturday morning, Israel’s air force conducted a series of airstrikes, targeting 150 underground Hamas facilities in the northern Gaza Strip. 

These strikes led to the elimination of several Hamas operatives and the destruction of underground combat infrastructure.

Regional Tensions:

The article also highlights a missile launch by the Houthi rebels, an Iranian proxy terrorist organization based in Yemen, towards Israel, which, instead, struck Taba in Egypt, adding to regional tensions.

Hamas responded to Israel’s intensifying attacks by stating that its fighters in Gaza were preparing to confront Israeli forces with “full force.” 

The situation has escalated to the point where internet and phone services have been severed in the area.

Israel’s Ground Operations:

Israel’s military announced its intention to expand ground operations, indicating a more significant military engagement.

Hamas expressed its determination, stating that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his military would not achieve a military victory.

Casualties and Humanitarian Truce:

The article notes that the ongoing bombardments by Israel since October 7 have resulted in the deaths of over 7,000 Palestinians. 

On a diplomatic note, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian truce, with 121 members voting in favor, 44 abstaining, and 14 voting against it.

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