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Ibrahim Assad’s – MasterKey Luxury Car Rental now also accepts BITCOIN as a mode of payment

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The leading car rental company is the only in Dubai, which has started with accepting bitcoin for car rentals.

With so much happening around the world, the many developments and advancements that take place across business niches and industries now no more comes as a surprise. People all over the world are aware of how professionals and entrepreneurs are taking active and intelligent steps to thrust their brand forward even amidst much saturation in their respective industries.

This is indeed a great sight to behold looking at how individuals have been putting every possible effort to gain excellence and success as entrepreneurs. Ibrahim Assad is one such name amongst these greats in the entrepreneurial world of Dubai, who with his robust car rental business ‘MasterKey Rent a Car’ has been thriving as an Entrepreneur, offering the best of sports and luxury cars in Dubai, changing the face of car rental businesses in the UAE for the better.

Right from an early age, Ibrahim Assad was determined to do something in the entrepreneurial world and his love for cars only made it obvious the niche he would choose to flourish in. Renting a luxury car in Dubai has now become very easy and convenient, thanks to Ibrahim Assad’s MasterKey Rent a Car that offers an extensive fleet of cars to customers and help them experience the vibe and luxury that Dubai can offer them.

Ibrahim Assad made great headlines all over again and this time it is about accepting bitcoin as a mode of payment for car rentals. Ibrahim Assad, who has now become the co-owner of MasterKey Media as well, a social media and digital marketing firm with co-founder Navjyot Gurudatta, says that accepting bitcoin for payments is a move no one has even dared to make in Dubai so far. It has already been a month that the brand has been accepting bitcoin for payment, which has been widely talked about and even appreciated.

It takes courage to make key changes in the working of an already successful business and Ibrahim Assad did that with absolute flare with starting to accept bitcoin as the mode of payment from his car rental customers, apart from accepting cash and cards. With this, Ibrahim Assad has made it easier and convenient for his clients for
making payments for the Dubai based luxury car rental company

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