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Hyperloop resurgence: from passenger travel to high-speed cargo transport

The new clip shows how one firm is looking to change cargo delivery.

The new clip shows how one firm is looking to change cargo delivery.


The once-celebrated vision of a high-speed and sustainable passenger transport system, the Hyperloop, took a backseat as the global pandemic halted world travel. 

However, there is renewed hope for the technology, as it finds new life in the transportation of cargo at breakneck speeds. 

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, a prominent company in the field, is spearheading the effort to create an express freight network that offers rapid loading and unloading to alleviate congestion at shipping terminals. 

With a fresh design and a substantial €800 million ($851 million) in funding, the Hyperloop’s commercial cargo network is gaining momentum.

A Shift Toward Cargo Transport

The global pandemic forced a reassessment of priorities in the transportation sector, and the Hyperloop is evolving to meet the changing demands. 

Rather than focusing solely on passenger travel, the technology is being repurposed for the rapid and efficient transportation of cargo. 

This shift responds to the need for swift and streamlined logistics, particularly in the face of congested shipping terminals.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Leading the Way

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, a company headquartered in Los Angeles with a presence in Dubai, is at the forefront of this resurgence. 

Their newly unveiled design and substantial funding pave the way for the creation of a commercial cargo network that leverages the Hyperloop’s high-speed capabilities.

Addressing Shipping Terminal Congestion

One of the key promises of the Hyperloop’s cargo operation is to address the mounting congestion at shipping terminals. 

The technology offers a solution that enables rapid loading and unloading, streamlining the movement of goods and enhancing overall logistics efficiency.

Investment in Italy’s Commercial Network

With €800 million ($851 million) earmarked for the development of a first commercial network in Italy, the Hyperloop’s cargo transport initiative is gaining momentum. 

This substantial investment demonstrates a commitment to realizing the potential of the technology and its role in transforming the future of logistics.

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