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Humanitarian Aid would be Available to Palestinians says IDF

The Israeli military said on Wednesday that Palestinians evacuating Gaza City to the south would be able to collect humanitarian aid.

The Israeli military announced on Wednesday that humanitarian aid would be made accessible to Palestinians fleeing Gaza City southward but did not say whether or how such aid would be carried into the enclave.

Israel Urged Palestinians:

Israel has urged Palestinians to flee to the south for their safety as it focuses strikes on the northern and central Gaza Strips as part of a counteroffensive against Hamas that might escalate into a ground invasion.

In its most recent evacuation advisory, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) declared a “humanitarian zone” near Al Mawasi.

IDF Requests to Gaza City:

“The IDF urges #GazaCity residents to flee south for their safety,” the military said in a social media statement.

According to the post, international humanitarian supplies would be delivered “as needed” in Al Mawasi, 28 km down the coast of the Palestinian territory.

Israeli military spokesperson says:

When asked by Reuters if aid was permitted into Gaza, and if so, where and when, an Israeli military spokesperson had no immediate answer.

Following the shocking cross-border Hamas attack on October 7, Israel established a lockdown on Gaza.

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