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Hotel Price Surge in Ahmedabad due to World Cup Final

Following India's victory, hotel room rates and flight ticket prices in Ahmedabad have skyrocketed ahead of the World Cup final.

Hotel room rates and flight ticket prices in Ahmedabad have surged dramatically ahead of the World Cup final following India’s victory, reaching exorbitant levels due to heightened demand.

Hotel room prices in Ahmedabad have skyrocketed to Rs100,000 (Dh4,411.36) per night, significantly elevated from the standard rates, driven by increased interest in watching India play live in the final match.

Flight Ticket Price Surge:

Flight ticket rates from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, typically Rs5,000 to Rs7,000 (Dh220 to Dh308.79), have surged to Rs32,000 (Dh1,411.63) due to escalated demand. Similarly, prices from New Delhi are around Rs26,500 (Dh1,169).

For premium stays, four and five-star hotel rooms are now hovering around Rs100,000 (Dh4,411.36) per night, showcasing a significant increase ahead of the World Cup final.

Specific Accommodation Prices: reveals the cost of a night’s stay at ITC Narmada in Ahmedabad on November 19 to be Rs2,36,000 (Dh10,410.46), while the Hyatt Regency offers a room for around Rs2,38,360 (Dh10,514.57) on the same date.

Similar price surges were witnessed before the India-Pakistan World Cup league-stage fixture in October, prompting fans to seek check-up packages at hospitals for more affordable accommodation due to the steep rise in hotel costs.

Upcoming World Cup Final:

India is set to face five-time champions Australia in the World Cup final at the Narendra Modi Stadium on Sunday, vying for their third World Cup trophy.

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