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Hostage Situation Halts Air Traffic at Hamburg Airport

Following a possible hostage scenario on the runway, Hamburg airport found itself in a difficult situation, with plane traffic suspended.

Hamburg airport found itself amid a tense situation, with air traffic suspended, following a suspected hostage situation on the tarmac, which involves a child, as confirmed by local authorities.

The Unfolding of the Incident:

On Saturday evening, a disturbing incident unfolded when a gunman forcefully drove his car through the airport’s security area onto the apron where planes are parked. 

The individual fired two shots into the air and hurled two incendiary devices out of the vehicle, as reported by the police.

Airport management took to social media to announce that negotiations with the vehicle’s driver were still underway. “The police operation continues; air traffic remains suspended until further notice,” the management stated.

Motive Points to Custody Dispute:

Authorities suspect a “custody dispute” as the trigger for the incident, with the wife of the driver making an emergency call to alert the police about the alleged abduction of her child.

Reports suggest that the driver, a 35-year-old Turkish national, is believed to have his four-year-old daughter in the vehicle. He has barricaded himself at the base of a Turkish Airlines plane.

Delicate Negotiations Underway:

Hamburg police have responded with a significant emergency services presence at the scene, aiming to negotiate a peaceful resolution with the driver. 

Police spokesperson Sandra Levgrun highlighted the importance of his continued contact with the authorities, viewing it as a positive sign.

Disruption to Air Travel:

The incident has led to the diversion of 17 flights scheduled to land in Hamburg on Saturday evening. 

286 flights are scheduled for Sunday, potentially affecting around 34,500 passengers as air traffic remains suspended due to the unfolding situation.

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